>> NOV 25 2017

Atlantic Anniversary Regatta incorporating RORC Transatlantic Race

The participants of the Atlantic Anniversary Regatta start into the Caribbean with an unique programme. Incorporating the RORC Transatlantic Race there is huge experience making this event unbeatable. On 25th  November 2017 it will lead them from Lanzarote, Spain to Grenada, Caribbean. According to the experience of past RORC transatlantic regattas, the Port Louis Marina, run by Camper & Nicholsons, is very well-kept and safe. The marina is situated in the south-west of the island. Subsequently, they will have the opportunity to take part in the existing regatta circuit around the Caribbean. 

January 16

Mount Gay Round Barbados Regatta


81st Mount Gay Barbados Race

Around Barbados

If the crow flew in a circle the race is about 60 miles but as we're not racing on crows yachts end up doing around 70 plus miles.  The trade winds and incredible sailing conditions make it a great course.

Barbuda Costal Racing

Our three day race series can be entered separately, or together with the Mount Gay Round Barbados Race.

Ocean Passage to Antigua

You've sailed around Barbados, so what next?  Head on up to Antigua as part of a 300 mile ocean race.  We have linked with the Superyacht Challenge in Antigua for the final race of our series.  But you do not need to be a superyacht to enter.  Yachts of all sizes are invited to take part and are guaranteed a warm welcome on arrival, in time for the Superyacht Challenge, or the RORC Caribbean 600 which follows.

>> January 29

Grenada Sailing Week

Grenada Sailing Week is a keelboat regatta formerly organized by the Grenada Sailing Festival. The first event took place in Jan/Feb 2013 and it has now become firmly established. The number of participants has increased, courses have been fine tuned for more challenging racing, classes have been added to accommodate a larger range of yachts, and a variety of venues have been selected to showcase the island of Grenada. Grenada Sailing Week will take place from Monday 29 January – Saturday 3 February, 2018. Our final event schedule is as follows: click here!

>> FEB 1 – 4, 2018

Antigua Superyacht Challenge

”The challenge is held in Antigua when yachts in excess of 80 feet are invited to participate in an exciting, friendly event – the Superyacht Challenge Antigua! Designed to be solely for the pleasure of superyacht owners, their guests and crew. The magnificent fleet take part in three days of spectacular racing. With daily pursuit races along the stunning south coast of Antigua and laid back social events, The Superyacht Challenge Antigua is a wonderful celebration of sailing and parties. The racing is very competitive but the Superyacht Challenge Antigua is dedicated to pure fun afloat and ashore, where all participants enjoy a relaxed party atmosphere, free from commercial endorsements.”

>> FEB 19 – 23, 2018

RORC Caribbean 600

”The best fleet of offshore racing yachts are taking part in the RORC Caribbean 600. The yachts are starting the 600-mile race around 11 Caribbean islands, with numerous world champions, America's Cup and Volvo Ocean Race sailors taking part with passionate amateurs, many of whom are members of the Royal Ocean Racing Club. Ranging from the latest high performance record breakers to classic yachts from the past, the variety of yachts and sailors taking part shows that the RORC Caribbean 600 has a wide appeal and the growth in popularity, year-on-year, indicates a very healthy future for the event.”

March 23 - 25

St. Thomas International Regatta

St. Thomas Yacht Club is proud to be associated with the values of one of the world’s greatest yacht races. It is with great pleasure that we invite you to the 4th annual St. Thomas International Regatta. On behalf of the St. Thomas Yacht Club, we are honored to offer sailors from around the world three days of unparalleled competition and shore side excitement. If you’ve joined us in the past, you know that the competition and the camaraderie are unsurpassed. If you are contemplating making the trek for the first time, please know that we will do our utmost to make it a special regatta just for you.

>> MAR 2 – 4, 2018

St. Maarten Heineken Regatta

”This world-renowned sailing event offers four days of World Class Racing, with trade winds coming from the North East, an average temperature of 25°C and crystal clear waters. Courses will take participants along coastal races, as well as around the island, presenting the beautiful beaches, rock formations and other scenery. On shore, participants and visitors will be able to enjoy the culture, cuisine and music from both the Dutch and French side.”

>> MAR 26 – APR 1, 2018

BVI Spring regatta

”The BVI Spring Regatta and Sailing Festival is one of the largest regattas in the Caribbean. The aqua waters around the British Virgin Islands in the northern Caribbean, attracts over 100 yachts and sailors, friends and families from around the world. The pride of excellence of a well-organized regatta, with international race officers and experienced committee members to ensure the best racing in the world.”

>> APR 9 – 14, 2018

Les Voiles St. Barth

”No fewer than 80 boats and 1,000 sailors are expected to compete at the event, which has been a not-to-be-missed competitive gathering since its creation back in 2010. The unique combination of sportsmanship and conviviality, which makes for excitement both on the water and ashore, attracts a growing number of competitors each year. Among them are some of the leading names in the sailing world, and they make an exceptional line-up at an event firmly anchored as one of the Caribbean’s major sailing meets.”

>> APR 29 – MAY 4, 2018

Antigua Sailing Week

”Yachts from all over the world will arrive in Antigua to participate in the one of the world’s major sailing, Antigua Sailing Week. From small beginnings, this regatta has developed over the past 47 years to become one of the preeminent yacht racing events in the Caribbean and one of the most prestigious in the world.”

May 09th 2018

Antigua Bermuda Race

The 935-mile offshore race is organized in association with Antigua Sailing Week and is supported by the Bermuda Tourism Authority. Yachts of 40ft and over will be racing under the IRC Rating Rule, MOCRA and the CSA Racing Rule, with the latter amended to permit boats to use their engines, subject to a time penalty. The Royal Bermuda Yacht Club, with many year's experience hosting the Newport Bermuda Race, will guarantee a fantastic welcome and a great party. Competitors are invited to express their interest in the Antigua Bermuda Race at: antiguabermuda.com/contact-us/survey

>> JUN 15 2018

Newport Bermuda Race

The Newport-Bermuda race, known as the Bermuda Race, is now thought of as the world's most glamorous and challenging ocean-races. 635 nautical miles lay between Newport and St. David's Lighthouse across open ocean and the Gulf Stream.

>> JUL 7 2018

Atlantic Anniversary Regatta West -> East (NRV)

In July 2018 the yachts will leave Bermuda for their return journey. After taking a split time south of England the yachts will proceed along the English Channel and the river Elbe to a spectacular finish right in the harbour of Hamburg. As a special token the unique silver “Atlantic Anniversary Trophy” will be awarded to the yacht with the best combined results of both regattas.

The Atlantic Anniversary Regatta (incorporating the RORC Transatlantic Race 2017) will escort the offshore community throughout the winter season 2017-2018 in the Caribbean.

Many prestigious offshore races can be joined to (intensively) glorify the Caribbean playground from the finish line of the westward route in November 2017 until the start of the eastward route in July 2018. Most popular regattas will be on the course of the Atlantic Anniversary Regatta challenge.

Here is a possible schedule highly recommended to find the perfect series:

November 25th 2017: AAR westbound incorporating the RORC Transatlantic Race 2017 (Lanzarote - Grenada)

January 16th 2018: Mount Gay Round Barbados Regatta (Barbados)

January 29th 2018: Grenada Sailing Week (Grenada, Grenada-Antigua)

February 1st 2018: Antigua Superyacht Challenge (Antigua)

February 19th 2018: RORC Caribbean 600 (Antigua - Antigua)

April 29th 2018: Antigua Sailing Week (Antigua)

May 9th 2018: Antigua Bermuda Race (Antigua - Bermuda)

or June 15th 2018: Newport - Bermuda Race (Newport NY - Bermuda)

July 8th 2018: AAR eastbound (Bermuda - Hamburg/Germany)

Please find the dates and places (to be) in 2017/2018 above.


Also note the announcements of the Caribbean Sailing Association: caribbean-sailing.com