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The Atlantic Anniversary Regatta 2017/2018 is heralded by a unique, highly exclusive series of fine art photography. „MARE“ is a fascinating series of photos capturing the essence of sailing: The sea in all its magic as a projection screen for the competitors of this race.

The „MARE“ collection is created by renowned Hamburg-based photographer Gerd George. His unique collection of fine art photography, looking from above, shows his fascination for the sea, the skies and the weather.

„MARE“ will be the visual centerpiece of all communication around the Atlantic Anniversary Regatta until 2018. The pictures are also available to be purchased in strictly limited editions.

If you are interested in the „MARE“ series, please contact 


    Gerd George

    Born in swabian Reutlingen in 1959, he grew up in the midst of a large, warm family. The vast wide world fascinated him at an early age. He would eagerly listen to his uncles’ travel stories when they would stop in with his grandmother who lived a floor below for schnapps and a cigarette whenever they got back from driving their trucks across the country.
    To perambulate the world quickly became one of his passions and as soon as his financial situation allowed it, he bought a moped and went on his way, his camera always with him.
    After school, he decided to do something more reasonable and began to study business administration. However, he soon realised that his true love next to travel was photography, and so he dropped out of school after a year. He packed his bags and made his way to Hamburg to learn from and some of the great photographers of his time like Christian von Alvensleben and Reinhard Wolf.
    As it turned out, his two greatest passions fit perfectly together. His years of apprenticeship led him to all different parts of the world. 
    In the beginning of the 90’s he went into business as an independent photographer, and with his free spirit, swabian determination, and the motivation that "better its the enemy of good", he developed the reputation as one of the best and most successful photographers in Germany and beyond. Now he travels on his own accord.
    Whether it’s with replicas of the legendary BMW R71 traveling 11.000 kilometer from Beijing to Berlin, with a plane flying over Africa, or on foot in the Dachstein mountains, his camera is always at his side. Reports, book projects, exhibitions, his passion are pictures that tell a story. He photographs what inspires him. His work in advertising photography has yielded numerous national and international awards throughout the years. The more challenging the assignment seems, the more excited he is to do it. You could call it an obsession, or perhaps just a lust for adventure. 
    Gerd George’s earliest travels took him to southern France following the footsteps of Nicolas Polverino. What adventure did he have there? His photos explain it best.

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