24. Juli 2018 | Iskareen: North Sea

The North Sea is an example for a fully industrialized Sea . Windparks, oilfields and gas productions plants with all their associated structures and in between large traffic separation schemes as the "roads" for big cargo vessels are called, cover the southern part all over. It is hard, if not impossible, to find a place out of sight of industrial installations. And on the other side, it's complicated to find a way through all these industrial installations without getting to closed to one and to risk a big fine and/or being penalized by the race committee by means of a time penalty for these infringements.
In our case, we did not only have to find a way through all these obstructions (passing the Dover Strait with all separation schemes resulted in not less than 22 gybes), but even to optimize it in a light air situation which makes things still more complicated. We consulted all known wind gods, which have settled in national weather services nowadays, in order to get the best information where to pass this minefield. The choice went to a route up the British east coast, passing over to the Dutch side quite late on the northern part. So far the game seems to pay off, may the weather gods stay on our side!
Ah, yes, then we had some concerns in our boatspeed which resulted after a long search for reasons in a little swim in the North Sea in order to check the appendages Without result, the reason seems to be of electronic nature caused by our instruments.
Song of the day: "Manno Meno" from Frank Schönfeldt ("Alles oder nichts...")

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