A dashing sprint to Grenada

The sprint to the finish in Grenada is still in full pace. Yacht after Yacht is crossing the finish line of the Caribbean Island of Grenada, among which are many of the German competitors. Leader of the pack was Hamburg-Based youth training yacht “Broader View Hamburg”, led by Skipper Björn Woge who was accompanied by his son Bene. The well-aged Andrews 56 crossed the finish line off Grenada a day after fellow HVS-colleagues on “Haspa Hamburg”. With an elapsed time of 17 days, 5 hours and 19 minutes, “Broader View Hamburg” managed to stay ahead of the pack in IRC1 to be awarded with handicap victory in IRC1 shortly after finishing, followed by Xp50 “Lunatix” skippered by Friedrich Böhnert who enjoyed company of his son Arno during the race.

Lunatix” managed to cross the Atlantic in about 18 days and half an hour. An elapsed time which put them into second place in IRC1, just some four hours and 10 minutes behind “Broader View Hamburg”. Another three hours after “Lunatix” came Swan 56 R “Latona”, crossing the finish line after 18 days, 3 hours and 45 minutes. “Latona” was the only yacht who stayed on a northern route to Grenada. With 3131 nautical miles in her wake, “Latona” sailed the shortest distance in her class. Due to unfortunate weather, this advantage however didn’t entirely pay off.

Swan 60 “Emma” skippered by Dr. Johann Killinger and Alfred Paulsen reached Grenada 10 hours after “Broader View Hamburg”, putting “Emma” on 8th place in class ORC1. Swan 45 “High Yield” by Hanns Ostmeier is still out at sea with some 450 nautical miles at her bow. “High Yield” is currently sailing in moderate breeze from astern and is expected to cross the finish line December 17th.

While a third of the yachts is still out at sea, none of those crews can reach Grenada fast enough in order to alter the rankings on corrected time. Consequently, in IRC overall it was Eric de Turckheims Nivelt-Muratet 54 “Teasing Machine” who was awarded the overall winner of the RORC Transatlantic Trophy.

In class ORC overall this trophy went to German crew of Elliott 52ss “Outsider” skippered by Tilmar Hansen who managed to put 98ft. super-maxi “CQS” into second place. Congratulations to all crews for a successful crossing and fair wind to those still at sea. 

Tracker: http://rorctransatlantic.rorc.org/tracking/2017-fleet-tracking.html

Photo: James Mitchell / RORC

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