Dantes Arrives Home After 24 Days At Sea

Dantes reached the finish line in Cuxhaven at 4:44pm UTC on July 31, 2018, following 24 days at sea. Skipper Michael Orgzey (DHH) and his crew reached a first place in IRC Two.

Meanwhile, Class 40 RED finally retired from the race. Following two incidents which forced the crew to aim for the Azores for repairs, skipper Mathias Müller von Blumencron and his crew showed impressive sportsmanship when they decided to un-retire and try to rejoin the competition. In the end, they now had to abort this mission and inform the Race Committee that they would motor through to Hamburg due to lack of wind. According to the forecast, a finish within the current week would have been unlikely under sail.

Photo: Reinhard Zufacher.

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