Rambler 88 retires from AAR due to Lost Port Rudder - All Crew Reported Safe

Rambler navigator Stan Honey advised the Race Committee of the Atlantic Anniversary Regatta that at 01:32 UTC on July 10, 2018, she had contact with an object in the water, and lost the port rudder.

The AAR Line Honours favourite is therefore retiring from the race and will be returning to Newport, RI (USA).

All crew are reported safe. Please check back on the Atlantic Anniversary Regatta - AAR Facebook-Page for further updates.

Update July 12, 0600 UTC

As of July 12, 03:30 UTC, Rambler is moored safely in Newport, Rhode Island. This ends the periodic reporting by the Race Committee.

Please Note: The image shows Rambler 88 near the start of the AAR on July 8, 2018.

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