Slowly getting closer

 As the influence of a low pressure system to the north of the racetrack kept the crews struggling with super-light air, the relieving breeze finally filled in yesterday. With the increasing breeze came the next teams to cross the finish line. On May 14th at 16:39 local time Bermuda, Arnt and Soenke Bruhn´s “ISKAREEN” arrived at Bermuda, just 5 hours and 33 minutes later than the much bigger “Irene III”. The Hamburg-based crew temporally holds place 4th in line honours and place 4th in IRC.A remarkable pace during the final 24 hours helped “ISKAREEN” secure the benefit of the teams’ bold decision to go east just after the start. Apparently, is has paid off big time, with "ISKAREEN" beating much bigger boats over the line.

 In the following evening “HASPA Hamburg“completed the race at 22:39 local time. Flying the pennant of the HVS, “Haspa Hamburg” managed to stay ahead of fellow HVS-rivals on board “Broader View Hamburg”.Hot on the heels of “Haspa Hamburg” came “Caliope”, “High Yield” and “Pata Negra”, all of which crossed finish line during the night.With “High Yield” the 4th German ship has finished the Antigua Bermuda Race 2018.

 While the finishers at Bermuda are waiting for the next ships, the fleet slowly is getting closer.  

The wind is between 6 to7 knots around Bermuda and with a distance to finish of 18,5 miles and a speed of 4,2 knots the next expected ship is Morgan Watson´s “Hermes”. Its closely followed by the 2nd HVS – ship “Broader View Hamburg” and Jeremy Jablonski´s “Avanti”.  More westerly than the main fleet sails “Challenger” with a DTF of 32, 9 miles.

 If the wind will stay stable the whole fleet will cross the finish line till the time window is closed. “Dantes” has speeded up to 5.3 knots but they still have 95,5 miles to go.

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Photo: Ted Martin

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