South of Orion's Sword

On baord of RED -Mathias Müller von Blumencron´s Class 40 in the middle of the doldrums at Friday morning (1st Dec):

"We are now in the death valley, the no wind zone which seperates us from the immense fun of downwind running on a class 40 in the trades. It is night. No cloud, magic starlight. What is good: it#s not so hot and the sun is not torturing us. What is bad: The wind tortures us. It disappearead, two hours we were becalmed completely. At the moment there are puffs of hope, as we just named them. We are not talking loudly about them to not anger the gods (superstition is hugely important on board - we even scratched the mast. Could write a whole post about it). But we are whispering among us. Sometimes we have tiny breeze with up to 3,5 knots of wind. Then it dies again. Extremly difficult to steer. At the moment our mark is the belt of Orion, which is laying just in our course. If we steer south of the sword, we are good. North of the sword means closer to the guillotine. We don't want the guillotine, we want the trades - and they are south of Orion's sword.  The trim of the boat is for super lightwind. All sails, water, toolboxes etc in the front section, sleeping in the front too on the sailbags. We can not do more than wait (can you imagine how difficult that is, when you come from the digital world, where "instant" is the parole of our age?) Please, wind, come!!!"

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