The hours of waiting

After “Warrior” and “Varuna” have crossed the finish line yesterday, the fleet is still on the run.

By showing an excellent performance during the race, the crew of skipper Jens Kellinghusen set the time to beat under IRC handicap for overall victory. At the moment they hold the first place in IRC, but still have to wait till the time window is closed.

 With a pace of 6,9 knots and a 63,6 miles distance to finish (DTF) the next expected ship is Eric de Turkheims “Teasing Machine”. 

 Haspa Hamburg is expected to be the 4th ship in line honours. With a DTF of  169,5 miles and a pace of 5,8  knots, the Crew of Skipper Sebastian Ropohl is still holding off their most eager competitor, fellow NRV-crew of Class 40 “Iskareen”. “Iskareen” Skipper Arnt Bruhns chose a more westerly route early on and managed to match the pace of the ten foot bigger “Haspa Hamburg” throughout the race. It will be interesting to see which crew will be first into Bermuda.

 If “Iskareen” is able to keep the actual pace of 4,8 knots they will cross finish line shortly after "Haspa Hamburg" and ahead of the following HVS-team of "Broader View Hamburg". The HVS ship has a DTF of 190 miles and sails with 4,1 knots. With a slight rating advantage, they are rated ahead of the rival "Haspa Hamburg".

 With a 9th place in line honours, "Dantes" with Skipper Michael Orgzey is quite close to the rest of the fleet and rated ahead of 5 ships.

This race is still on. Following the weather forecast the conditions will be stable for the  next hours. The ability of the crews, pushing the boats to the maximum speed in light airs, may bring the decision.


Keep in touch with the race by the AAR Social Media and the Antigua Bermuda Race Trackers.


Photo: RORC/ Arthur Daniel

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