The long waiting is over

Photo: Ted Martin


While “Warrior” and “Varuna” have waited, the next two ships have crossed the finish line. The 3rd ship, which has arrived Bermuda, was Eric de Turkheim´s “Teasing Machine”. At 11:21 local time Bermuda the 4th ship, “Irene III” with skipper Loius Goor finished the 2nd edition of the Antigua Bermuda race with place 3 in line honours and a temporally place 2 in CSA.

 “Teasing Machine” arrived Bermuda today in the early hours but has made the reluctant decision to retire from the race.“One of our crew member needs to get back to Europe within the shortest delay for personal reasons,” explained Teasing Machine's Laurent Pages. “The weather conditions are not allowing us to reach Bermuda in racing mode. We are all disappointed not to be able to finish the race, but as a team we agreed this is the best solution. The entire team would like to thank the organisers and all the passionate volunteers that have contributed and helped with the running of this Antigua Bermuda Race.”

 NRV-Member Arnt Bruhns' German Class40 „Iskareen“ is expected to finish the race around sunset in Bermuda on Monday 14 May. They will be the 4th in line hours and the third crew finishing in IRC.

 Besides this, the fleet was waiting for the wind.

After three days of exhilarating fast reaching conditions in the Atlantic Ocean, high-pressure enveloped Bermuda and the surrounding seas, producing light downwind conditions. While the fleet has slowed down, the competition was still on.

With an upcoming fresh breeze the fleet have speeded up.“Iskareen”, with a pace of 7.8 knots is followed by the, much more easterly sailing HVS ship “Haspa Hamburg”, which has a pace of 8.3 knots.  HVS – rival “Broader View Hamburg”, with a pace of 3.3 knots, still has a DTF of 90 miles, which is 40 miles more than “Haspa Hamburg”. The “Broader View Hamburg” is part of the main fleet, which is led by  Oliver Heer´s “Pata Negra”.

 This fresh breeze is expected to lift the fleet to the finish. After this heated up duels on the water, a warm welcome is awaiting the fleet at the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club. 

Follow the final miles by the Antigua Bermuda Trackers and stay in touch with the AAR-Media. 

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