*Update* Resolving a Rudder Issue on Class 40 RED

Update July 12, 0900 UTC:

The Race Committee had contacted a number of yachts overnight, who all very helpfully checked their inventory for the spare bolts needed by Red. Unfortunately, none of them had the correct material. Red is now heading for the Azores on a routing that may see them arrive in around 4 days. With the current forecast, they should not see winds exceeding 15 knots and insignificant waves, which will reduce stress on the repairs they affected. The Sailing Instructions provide for a "temporary discontinuance of racing", so they will be able to continue racing after their pit stop on the Azores. We wish them a safe journey and will follow their progress. The periodic reporting on the incident is now closed.

Update July 11, 09:50pm UTC:

RED was able to secure the pins that sheared off using locking nuts, and will be able to continue albeit more careful and potentially slower. Several boats were contacted but did not carry the required material. Two more boats' replies are outstanding and will be coordinated. RED is ok for now, and her crew is safe. We will keep you updated here with further developments.

July 11, 08:00pm UTC:

On July 11 at 07:00pm UTC, Class 40 RED informed the Race Committee about the breakage of a rudder hinge. The yacht temporarily slowed down and is now back to 8.4 knots boatspeed (at time of writing, July 11 at 08:00pm UTC). “All crew are reported safe”, comments AAR Race Officer Stefan Kunstmann, who is in direct contact with the skipper. “Outside assistance of nearby AAR competitors has been requested to replace the broken rudder piece. The Race Committee will file a request for redress with the International Jury for the boat which will be helping.“

Further updates will be provided once available.

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