Welcome to Bermuda

Finally all ships have safely arrived to Bermuda.

The HVS youth training ship “Broader View Hamburg” crossed the finish line on May 15th at 13:20 local time. With the finish of „Broader View Hamburg“ both yachts owned by the HVS have now completed the race. The Hamburgischer Verein Seefahrt (HVS) is based in Hamburg and introduces young sailors to the world of offshore sailing. For nearly 100 years, the association has given young sailors the chance to experience seamanship and yacht racing aboard the HVS yachts.  

Just 3 hours and 38 minutes after “Broader View Hamburg” Morgan Watson´s Pogo 12.50 “Hermes” finished the race.  After passing St. David's Lighthouse, the yachts make their way through the cut to St. George's Harbor, clear customs at Ordnance Island and go on to the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club in Hamilton, in order to be received by the competing yachts that have already finished the race and the race committeeIn the early morning hours of May 16th at 04:57, Swan48 “Dantes” crossed the finish line of the Antigua Bermuda Race 2018 and reunited the fleet again.  All ships have crossed finishing line, before the time window closed.

 Same race, different paths.“Iskareen”, the Class40 owned by the brothers Arnt and Soenke Bruhn´s had a quite different race to Bermuda than Louis Goor's Oyster 575 „Irene III“.

“Iskareen” finished the race, on Monday 13th May, after over five days at sea: “We covered over 260 miles in the first 24 hours and averaged over 10 knots for the first 48 hours, so really good, fast running conditions,” said Arndt Bruhns. “With a team of four we could push the boat quite hard and it was also a lot of fun on board. When the wind went light and to the south we did have a few hours with just the main sail up, going very slowly, but when the wind picked up we managed to time our gybe just right and managed to slip in.“

A more comfortable way to Bermuda had „Irene III“: “This is a great race for the boat. Irene III is made for reaching in the ocean and we have had a marvellous time on board. Whilst some of the teams racing have been eating astronaut food, we have had enjoyed superb food as two of the crew are excellent chefs, and the Bordeaux on board was superb“, smiled Goor. The ships have arrived Bermuda in different ways but they all have something in common. They all finished the challenging Antigua Bermuda Race 2018 with its very various conditions.  After an ambitious and exhausting race the crews are enjoying their hard earned time at Bermuda.

Today the long wait for “Varuna“, the designated winner of this race, will end. The price giving of this fascinating race will start at sunset.

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