Atlantic Anniversary Regatta 2017/2018

1. Organizing Authority: AAR Race Committee

a. Chairmen: Riccardo Bonadeo, Andreas Christiansen

  • Organizing Committee of YCCS and NRV

b. Cooperating partner Clubs:

  • Royal Ocean Racing Club
  • Royal Bermuda Yacht Club
  • Royal British Virgin Island Yacht Club

2. Dates & Routes

a. Westward: 

  • Start: Nov 2017
  • Start Port: Canary Islands
  • Finish port: Virgin Gorda (YCCS Clubhouse) BVI
  • Length: 2.800 nautical miles

b. Eastward:  

  • Start: Jun / Jul 2018 
  • Start port: Bermuda Island
  • UK to port
  • Atlantic Scoring Gate South of UK
  • Finish port: Hamburg 
  • Length: 3.200 nautical miles

c. Both atlantic races counting towards AAR Silver Trophy overall (main trophy)

3. World Sailing Offshore Special Regulations Category 1 and equivalent requirements

4. Participating yachts

a. Ratings:

  • IRC
  • ORC & ORCsy
  • Cruiser-Racer Division
  • Additional OneDesign Classes

b. Minimum Length:

  • Speed potential: 3.200 nm must be completed in 21 days; this means speed potentials like ca. TCC 1.004 (IRC) or 585 gph (ORC)

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