Local Contact in Bermuda: Jakob Ropohl

Our fellow sailor Jakob Ropohl is available as of now to support you on the grounds in Bermuda with your preparation for AAR.

He can be reached as follows:

Dry Food: Import & Duty Guidelines for Bermuda

Pouches can come to the island under CPC 5022. They can also come in under temporary import for a yacht in transit, and should be labelled as such. Items can be shipped but need to be declared. It is important that the airway bills state “YACHT IN TRANSIT”. Please include the name of your vessel (if not available, "YACHT IN TRANSIT" would be sufficient). 

Please find further details about the two main options for importing dry food to Bermuda as follows:


You can ship your items directly to the RBYC. We need to co-ordinate and notify RBYC ahead of any delivery, therefore please notify both Jakob Ropohl and our team prior to sending any items.

Please note: This might be the most convenient option, however, please ensure sufficient lead time for your overseas delivery and keep in mind that storage space at RBYC is limited. If you wish to deliver items to the RBYC, please use the following postal address:

(Insert your BOAT NAME / AAR)
c/o Royal Bermuda Yacht Club
15, Point Pleasant Road
Hamilton, HM11

Please include a letter in which you label your parcel as a temporary import for "YACHT IN TRANSIT" (it is mandatory that the airway bill states "YACHT IN TRANSIT". Please also include the name of your vessel. Items can be shipped but need to be declared.  


You can pack dry food into your luggage. It is mandatory that you carry a signed letter in your hand luggage in which you state in English and under oath (meaning in German: "eidesstattliche Erklärung") that all items are imported for the sole purpose of being used on "Yacht in Transit".

Please note: Depending on the quantity, size and weight of your items, carrying them with you directly
might be the most cost-effective solution, and provides you with direct access to your items. Please find a draft letter as follows (please ensure to replace the text in italics with your specific details).


To Whom It May Concern,

I am sailing crew on (insert your boat name) which will be participating in the Atlantic Anniversary Regatta 2018, organized together with the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club (start of race July 8, 2018).

As crew, we will be carrying bouches of packed dehydrated food (attach order details if available) in our checked luggage (specify number of bags and approximate weight).

Kindly find attached our itinerary, crew list with names and passport details as well as the delivery bills/invoice of the a.m. dehydrated food.

Our itinerary will be: Insert dates and times, departure and arrival airports.

On behalf of our skipper and person in charge (insert name of skipper) of (insert boat name), our "YACHT IN TRANSIT", I hereby declare the a.m. goods as "transitory items", that will remain in unopened and originally packed condition until AFTER we have left Bermuda on July 8, 2018.

Thank you very much in advance.

Kind regards

(insert your full name)


Immigration Bermuda

The immigration to Bermuda is pretty simple, as there is no visa requested for tourists in general. Please make sure that this status is valid for your home country as well. 


Fly in - Sail out:

Entering Bermuda via flight, one will be asked for a return ticket and an address of the stay (hotel, apartment,...). For sailors departing via a sailing vessel, the person in charge (pic) has to write a confirmation letter that the sailor will leave Bermuda with his yacht. This paperwork should include 


Name of the Sailor like in the passport 

Passport number

Date of birth

Place of birth

Name of the yacht

Name of the pic

mooring place:  Royal Bermuda Yacht Club, 15 Point Pleasant Road

Hamilton HM11


Attention, important change: Please keep the above mentioned letter with the sailor entering Bermuda at the airport and show it to the ímmigration officer on duty!


In any case of questions and special notes please contact:

Ron-Michel E. Davis

Compliance Manager

Government of Bermuda |Department of Immigration

1st Floor Government Administration Building | 30 Parliament Street | Hamilton, Bermuda HM12

Telephone: 441 295 5151 Ext. 1395 | F: 441 295 4115 | E: rmedavis@gov.bm


At the arrival, the sailors will be charged with a fee of $30 for this process.


Please find a draft of a letter here: Draft_immigration_flyin-sail out

Sailing to Bermuda (private)

There are special requirements to be met for sailors entering Bermuda with a yacht. Please find an overview regarding the preparation prior coming to Bermuda. 



Please be updated via the navigational warnings of the Department of Marine & Ports Services >>here

Berthing Bermuda

Royal Bermuda Yacht Club berthing

According to the Notice od Race of the AAR eastbound, all boats must show up at the race headquartes, which will be at the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club from Thursday 05th July. Berthing is free for competitors from 05th July until 08th July at the RBYC. When entering the RBYC please call VHF72 and ask for the berthing place of your yacht, the marina manager will advise. 

RBYC Services: 130 Berths, Wi-Fi Access, Secure & Controlled Marina Access, Laundry Facilities, Shower facilities, Electric & Water, Docking Services, Catering & Beverage Services, Access to Restaurant & Bar, Yacht Repair Services.

The RBYC is located in the picturesque capital of Bermuda, Hamilton. The historic pastel-colored buildings of the city are housing a variety of restaurants, shops, museums and galleries. There is a ferry terminal opposite the club with ferries heading to the Histric Dockyard (America´s Cup Area) or to Georges Town (ferry schedule).

Prior the race:

RBYC offers a special discount to competitors of AAR, who want to berth their yacht prior to the 05th of july. Please apply for berthing with this online form, well in advance (due to the Newport - Bermuda Race the harbour could be short of space). 

Anchering at Bermuda is mostly free of charge at designated areas. Make sure you comply to the requirements stated in the seacharts.

If you are searching for a mooring, this chart will give you an overview of possible locations >>mooring_bermuda

There are many options for berthing at Bermuda at different locations. The Bermuda Tourism Authority, proud partner of the AAR, recommands a list of fantastic marinas >>here

Dockyards / Marine Services

There are several services available in Bermuda. Here is a collection of different services without claiming to be complete:



Alan Brooks
17 Mills Creek Road, Pembroke HM 05
Email: abrooksnoSpam@noSpampwmarine.bm
+1 441 5320704
+1 441 295 3232 303

Close to Hamilton and Royal Bermuda Yacht Club


17 Mills Creek Road, Pembroke HM 05
+1 441-292-6094

Close to Hamilton and Royal Bermuda Yacht Club


Spar Yard (Dockyards)

+1 441 234 2235


Bermuda Yacht Service

Mark Soares
St. George´s Town 
+1 441 297 2798

Near the airport


First Division Maritime Ltd

Professional Diving and Hull Cleaning Company (with "America's Cup" J Class Racers experience and expertise in US Military and Civilian vessels)

Dean Bottomley
P.O. Box 348 Mangrove Bay
Somerset, Sandys, Bermuda MABX
+1 441 734 2262


Please find some more information about boat yards here!



Logistics, transport, water, fuel, garbage, electrcity


Logistics at Bermuda can be tricky. There are no rental cars available. Tourists can rent motorbikes or small electronic 2-seaters.  The most convenient way, coming from A to B, is using buses or ferries. The bus system is frequently running, covering the whole island (bus schedule).


Provisions of beverages and prepared food can be arranged through the RBYC kitchen and catering services. There are grocery stores within walking distance and supply stores throughout town. Please see below for our preferred vendors.

Miles Market (massive supermarket within 3 minutes walk)

PW Marine


Bermuda Gas



Water is available from various outlets along the RBYC dock and is included in the berth fee.


Fuel is available at the Pearman Watlington Marine Filling Station telephone 295-3185 just west of the RBYC marina. Note that the maximum draft at low tide is 10 ́. This service station is open from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm Monday through Saturday and 8:00 am to 5:00 pm on Sunday. Bagged ice is available. Fuel can be purchased by credit card 24/7.

For boats with a higher draft, fuel can be purchased, by appointment, at RUBiS Dockyard where the maximum draft is 32 ́. Contact David Whited at 234-0233.

Fuel is also available by appointment with Esso at Tiger Bay in St. George’s. Contact Chris Gibbons at 294-523.


Propane refills are available from Bermuda Gas & Utility Co. Ltd., which is located at 25 Serpentine Road, a 15-minute walk from the RBYC – they will also deliver.

Contact Mr. Lightbourn at 325-1833 or 295-3111 Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.


Shore power is 120v 30amp or 120/240v 50amp. Boats must provide their own shore power leads plus adapters.



There will be a daily delivery of both block and bag ice from Monday, June 23rd between the times of 10:00 am and 11:00 am.

Ice Prices are as follows:

12.5 lbs block ice: $4.50

25 lbs block ice: $9.00

25 lbs bag cubed ice: $8.00. 40 lbs bag cubed ice: $14.24

Contact K.C. Daniels Ltd. Tel: 236-3189


Garbage will be collected twice daily. Please put trash in the bins provided at the rear of the Club. Recyclable items (glass and cans only) should be placed in blue recycling bags.

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