Results of Atlantic Anniversary Regatta 2017 westbound incoporating RORC Transatlantic Race:

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Overall entry list of the Atlantic Anniversary Regatta (westbound and eastbound)

West / RORC TA East Bermuda name of yacht type of yacht length of yacht owner nationality /club
no yes Best Buddies Swan 441 R 44 Susan Wrede Germany / NRV
no yes ISKAREEN Class 40 40 Arnt Bruhns&Sönke Bruhns Germany / NRV
yes open Emma Swan 60 60 Johann Killinger, Alfred Paulsen Germany / NRV-SVC
yes open RED Class 40 40 M. Müller v. Blumencron Germany / NRV
yes yes High Yield SWAN45 OD 45 Hanns Ostmeier Germany / NRV-HVS
no yes Dantés Nautor’s Swan 48 S&S 48 Torsten Grotjahn Germany
yes yes Varuna VI JKER 56 56 Jens Kellinghusen Germany / NRV-APC-RORC
yes no Lunatix XP50 50 Friedrich Böhnert Germany / NRV-RORC
yes yes Haspa Hamburg JV52 56 HVS e.V. Germany / NRV-HVS
no open Roaring Forty Class 40 40 Jan Hamester Germany
no open SOLAIR X612 60 Stefan Urban Germany / FSC
yes yes Bank von Bremen JV 53 SKWB e.V. Germany / SKWB
no open Prinzessin First 40 Carbon 40 Andrea Tellschaft Germany
yes yes Latona Swan 56 56 Joh von Eicken Germany / NRV
no yes Cheri Swan 51 51 Ronald Wulff Germany / NRV
yes no Mariejo Class 40 40 Berthold Brinkmann Germany / NRV
yes yes Broader View Andrews 56 56 HVS e.V. Germany / NRV-HVS
no open Ambersail Volvo Open 60 60 LTU-1000 Lithuania
yes yes OUTSIDER Elliott 52 ss 52 T. Hansen Germany / KYC
yes open Monster Project Volvo Open 70 70 Roman Guerra British Virgin Islands
no yes Hamburg Lines Men (Pata Negra) Marc Lombard IRC 46 46 Hans Oestmann United Kingdom / NRV-RORC
no yes Rockall TP52 52 Christopher Opielok Germany / NRV-RORC
no yes Rambler88 Canting Keel Sloop 88 George David United States / NYYC
yes yes Teasing Machine Jmd54 54 Eric de Turckheim France
no yes Malizia IMOCA 60 60 Boris Herrmann Germany / Yacht Club Monaco
no yes Toothface 2 Class 40 40 Michael Dreese USA

* cuiser-racer division, if more than 5 entries