Finish Line off Cuxhaven

The technical finish of the AAR will be off Cuxhaven, where the North Sea meets river Elbe. All teams are invited to make a BBQ pit-stpo and find cold drinks, W-Lan, fresh water, electricity, shower and enthusiastic sailors and friends. 

This is the place to be for your family to welcome you and the team!


Welcome ceremony

The participants are invited to stop for 48 hours and enjoy the 3-B (beer, burger, bed) at the cosy CityMarina in the heart of the historic town Cuxhaven.

Teams will be warmly welcomed by the Race Committee and for the party of the very first touchdown everything will be prepared. The Race Club will be open 24h and provide free WLAN.


The Marina used to be an old fishermen harbour, very safe, no traffic. The draft of the CityMarina is averaged by 4,5 Meter. (yachts with higher draft will be moored at the tourist harbour. As in the North Sea is tidal movements, all yachts will be moored on swimming pontoons. 

Electricity, water and safety is ensured. There is a container with toilets and showers for free.

The shipyard of Cuxhaven is belonging to the marina, and located just on the other side of the marina, some 50 Meters in distance.

The Marina is located in the city centre, 10 minutes walk to the railway station, 5 minutes to a shopping mall including a huge supermarket.


After finishing at Cuxhaven all teams will be welcomed by the liaison officers, drinks and BBQ in the CityMarina, located in tidal waters but very safe und quiet in the center of Cuxhaven. The draft of the harbour is 4,5 meter.

There is a Race Lounge at the mooring area, where the Race office is located and 24/7 service for coffee, drinks and snacks will be offered. 

The city center, a shopping mall, bakery, supermarkets and restaurants & hotels ar in walking distance. Also the train station (2 hours to Hamburg) is in the distance of a 5 minute walk.

Boatyard Cuxhaven

The boat yard Cuxhaven offeres any service needed after crossing the Atlantic Ocean. The yard is located at the CityMarina. 

In case of any querries including mainenance, rigging, sail repairs, motor-service... please contact:

Boots- und Schiffswerft Cuxhaven GmbH
Kapitän-Alexander-Str. 21-23
27472 Cuxhaven

Telefon: +49 (0)4721 39900-0
Telefax: +49 (0)4721 39900-99



Immigration / customs

Immigration Germany

1. First stop Cuxhaven

All competitors are invited to stop for 48h at Cuxhaven, in 1 nautical mile distance to the finish line for cool drinks, a BBQ and a shower. The Race Committee will contact the boarder control directly after finishing the race and the officers will welcome the team at the mooring place at CityMarina, Cuxhaven (Kapitän-Alexander-Straße 21-23). The Race Committee will hand over all relevant immigration information for each crew via the sail-gate system.

All sailors have to stay on the yacht until the police has controlled and welcomed to the Schengen-area.

The custom control will randomly check arriving yachts. Make sure all custom-related requirements are don properly. Here is the link to the website of German custom office:


Afterwards the team and the yacht is free to move in the whole Schengen area. After 48h, typically with the tidal current all yachts are pleased to sail to the Race Village at Hamburg city. Your AAR Liaison-Officer will assist with information and advice and support with any given details (logistics, travel, restaurant/hotel reservation, provisions…).


2. First stop Hamburg

If there are teams, who sail directly to Hamburg -without BBQ pit-stop at Cuxhaven- the same process will be supplied, after arrival at Hamburg. Please make sure any sailor stays on the yacht, until immigration clearance.


The custom control will randomly check arriving yachts. Make sure all custom-related requirements are don properly. Here is the link to the website of German custom office:


Please note the opening schedule for the bridge at the entrance of tha Race Village: interner link!

Schiffsansagedienst Cuxhaven e.V.

The Schiffsansagedienst - Cuxhaven e.V. was founded in 2011. Since then, it announces ships passing the city of Cuxhaven, daily from 10:00am to 7:00pm (April - October) on the "Bollwerk Alte Liebe", the "Seebäderbrücke" and via "Live-Stream". Check out their website to stay up-to-date about the arrival of the AAR fleet.

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