AAR Race Village

Welcome to the "Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg"

Hamburg is a vibrant maritime melting pot and the homeport of the Norddeutscher Regatta Verein. The jubilee yacht club is based at the lake Alster, which is in the very city centre. For the AAR the clubhouse will be extended to the harbour and the river Elbe.

In the UNESCO World Heritage architecture area "Speicherstadt" the Race Village will be hosting the participating teams in the harbour "Sandtorhafen" where usually the "Foundation Hamburg Maritim" is running a harbour for historic yachts and vessels.

One of those historic vessel is MS Seute Deern, a ferry formally running between Cuxhaven and Helgoland. For the AAR Seute Deern (translation: pretty girl) will be the race club, open for sailors and public.

Entering the Sandtorhafen

When the teams leave Cuxhaven, they will join an idyllic cruise on the river Elbe, with the tidal current accelerating up to 3 knots.

The Mahatma-Gandhi Bridge must be opened to enter the harbour with a sailing yacht. As there is a shallow area underneath the bridge, it must be opended at the high-tide. A schedule of the opening hours will be provided here. 

Entering the Race Village - Bridge-Opening

To enter the Race Village at the very city center where the World Heritage Center "Speicherstadt" meets the mordern architecture of Europes biggest innercity development area "HafenCity" the Mahatma-Gandhi-Bride will be opened at following dates:

Date Low tide Cux High tide Hamburg Bridge Opening

19.07.2018 01:09 10:30 11:00

20.07.2018 01:55 11:07 11:00

21.07.2018 02:41 11:58 11:00

22.07.2018 03:32 13:00 13:00

23.07.2018 04:37 14:00 13:00

24.07.2018 05:48 15:11 15:00

25.07.2018 06:52 16:09 17:00

26.07.2018 07:43 16:55 17:00

27.07.2018 08:25 17:36 17:00

28.07.2018 09:04 18:12 17:00

29.07.2018 09:40 06:35 16:30

Welcome Reception NRV Clubhouse

All arriving teams will be welcomed directly at the Race Village. 2 hours after the arrival, a shuttle will bring all sailors and spouses to the NRV Clubhouse at Lake Alster to the Welcome Reception hosted by the Commodore, the President and the flag officers of the Norddeutscher Regatta Verein.

Price Giving Ceremony

The AAR Prize Giving Ceremony and Party will take place on Saturday 28th July at the Cap San Diego. The "worldwide biggest fit-to-drive museum-frighter" is located at the very centre of Hamnurg harbour front: Übersee-terminal.

There will be a ferry shuttle from the Race Village to the Cap San Diego running from 5 - 6:30 pm.

Sailors are invited, spouses and freinds are required to buy a ticket at the Race Office. The tickets are including a maritime buffet and all drinks until 01am.

Please note, that all sailors have to be invited via Email. Therfore we need all addresses to be invited via the entry-system sail-gate until 15th of June.

Farewell saililng parade

All yachts are invited to be moored at the Race Village until July 29th, where all yachts will say goodby to Hamburg at the Farewell Sailing Parade. The yachts will dock out when the Mahatma-Gandhi-Bridge will be opened at 5pm and sail to the waiting position, at the north end of the River Elbe.

In the meantime MS EUROPA 2 will be positioned in front of Hamburgs new main-sight, the Elbphilharmony. at 6pm the yachts will pass MS EUROPA 2 and the Elbphilharmony with a soundtrack smashed at the cruising ship, dipping the flags.



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