For the very first AAR Workshop on 7 September 2016 around 70 interested sailors from all kinds of backgrounds joined in at the NRVs clubhouse in Hamburg/Germany. They listened to a presentation given by race officer Stefan Kunstmann about the programme, the route, organisational issues, requirements for participation and the plans of a transfer from Germany to the starting point on the Canary Islands by means of a collective cruise.

Many questions were asked, ideas tossed around, networks expanded and plans made. That's the spirit - Be part of the story!

For all who have missed the workshop series or would like to look up some of the information again, you can download the presentations or check out our facebook page!

  • Kick-Off Event - 7 September 2016

  • 20th October 2016      ⋅  Vasco Ollero, an experienced crew member of Varuna Racing Team, will talk about "Planning an Atlantic Crossing"  - download Vasco´s presentation here

  • 10th November 2016   Timo Sommer, Nico Kottmeier: Cruising Rally from Hamburg to Arrecife/Lanzarote, the AAR starting harbour - download the list of details here
  • 24th November 2016   Bertil Balser & Uli Münker: sail repairs, equipment - download the presentation and repair guidelines here
  • 08th December 2016   Katrin Hilbert & Christian Heermann: safety, crew, skipper - find more information on upcoming H3 safety trainings here
  • 15th December 2016   Peter Kohlhoff: running & standing rigging (deck hardware, fittings, headsail furling etc.)

  • 12th January 2017     ⋅  Philipp Kay & Christian Heermann: navigation software ADRENA & EXPEDITION connectivity - download the presentation here

  • 19th January 2017      ⋅ Jan Pachner (YCCS): transatlantic regatta westward (start 25th November 2017, organized by the YCCS)
  • 2nd February 2017      ⋅ Sönke & Christiane  Bruhns: watermaker, hydraulic systems, engine, satellite/radio communication systems - please download the presentation here
  •  9th February 2017      ⋅ Christian Heermann: reliable power supply on board - fuel cells, hydrogenerator
  • 16th February 2017    ⋅ Timmy Kröger: team building, crew, training - click here for Timmy´s presentation
  • 2nd March 2017            ⋅  Dr. Uwe Lebens: preparing and planning - a practical approach










The AAR Workshop events take place at the NRV club house  -  registration is not required!

Schoene Aussicht 37, 22085 Hamburg




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